The Wolfhound Century Trilogy

by Peter Higgins

A brilliant exploitation of the power of fantasy: the tender green soul of Russian history set free for uncanny battle with its grey, gunmetal carapace.
Francis Spufford

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Nominated for the Grand Prix de l'Imaginaire 2015, Best Foreign Language Novel


Wolfhound Century

Every so often there comes along a book that manages to make you go wow, one that stands out as a book that is destined to become a classic... this year Wolfhound Century takes that honour.
SF Book Reviews: Book of the Year
A thrilling masterpiece... brilliant world-building, great writing, and a pace that challenges you to put it down and then slaps you in the face with a constant niggling itch to return.
British Fantasy Society
A great, dark and fantastical thriller.
Civilian Reader
Richly written, vivid, clever: Soviet Russia as dark alt-reality phantasmagoria.
Adam Roberts
A glorious mash-up of genres and styles...a finely-written and compelling story.
The Wertzone
Two parts detective fiction, one part dark fantasy, one part political thriller, one part dystopian fiction, and one part fairy tale..... it sparkles, at times with searing, polished brilliance.
Nerds of a Feather
This truly imaginative thriller is impossible to put down.
We Love This Book
Wonderfully atmospheric and alive...and beautifully written.
My Bookish Ways
Dark chocolate with a softly whipped centre of brain matter.
Ian McDonald
Truly superb ... captures Russian metaphysical folklore and harsh Soviet reality. This almost lyrical story seems more than just a fantasy. It touches the somewhat delicate history of Soviet power and its vast expanse.
La Penseuse Surnaturelle

Truth and Fear

As good as Wolfhound Century was, Truth and Fear is even better… I love this world, and I love these complicated, flawed, and utterly unique characters.
My Bookish Ways
Combines alternate history with myth and legends and blends them together into something altogether refreshing and compelling.

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Orbit (US hardback)

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Orbit (US hardback)

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Orbit (US hardback)

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Vlast - Bragelonne (French edition)

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Czerwony Golem - Akurat (Polish edition)

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Susikoiran Aika - Gummerus (Finnish edition)

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: From Air Man Space (1912) by Lyubov Popova